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Trump Responds To NY Bombing With Straight Truth, Watch Liberals Heads Explode! [FULL INTERVIEW]

The media has to sugarcoat things for the weak minded who have their head on the ground. Safe places in their colleges, workplaces and their itty bitty minds. Donald Trump calls it what it is (Terrorism) – it is the weak leadership of Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton that has put us in the position we are in today!

Trump is correct we need to profile like Israel. If the police see a white person in the ghetto, they stop them and search for drugs. If a black person is in a white area, they are stopped and questioned. Isn’t that profiling? But if you are a foreign born person they can’t and won’t stop and question you because it is profiling. These people are here to harm us.

American people can and are profiled every day based on their location and skin color. Why is that ok? Are we so worried about offending the Islamic terrorist that we give them a free pass to terrorize and kill American people?

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Watch Trump remove political correctness during this interview to be straight up with the American people.

This incident only confirms the necessity of some of Trump’s policy positions concerning immigration from countries compromised by terrorism. I imagine this incident will put more undecideds in the Trump camp.

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