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Trump secures two House endorsements after huge Nevada caucus win!

GOP candidate Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) joined Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) endorsing Donald Trump following the Nevada’s GOP presidential caucuses.

Sen. Ted Cruz has labeled Trump an establishment candidate because of older GOP members saying they would vote for Trump over him, but nobody in Congress came forward to support Trump until now. NOTE: Cruz named Bob Dole as a supporter of Trump but since then, Dole has endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio .


Even House GOP Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy said if Trump were the elected, he could work with him on various issues.

From Politico:

“We don’t need a policy wonk as president,” Hunter told Politico. “We need a leader as president. I’m in, and I’ve been in.”

“I don’t think Trump wants my endorsement,” Hunter added, noting he has not spoken with the outspoken billionaire. “And that’s one reason why I like him.”

The California lawmaker also predicted more support from his colleagues for Trump’s White House bid.

“I’ve liked Trump since the beginning,” Hunter said. “I think you may have some more Trump supporters in Congress. They just have to come out of the closest, so to speak.”

Hunter’s endorsement is Trump’s second on Capitol Hill, following Rep. Chris Collins  earlier Wednesday.

Trump has stated in the past; endorsements don’t mean anything to him and unless it’s the American people, but is nice to see that some members of Congress can support an outsider because they also notice that Americans have changed, and they are daft in with it.

What do you think of these two congressmen supporting Trump? Do endorsements really mean anything anymore? Share your comments below and please add this story to your social media timeline.

h/t – PoliticoThe Hill

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