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Trump shut down Kasich again at GOP Debate: You should let Jeb speak

This is starting to become traditional! Governor John Kasich once again decided he was going to take on Donald Trump like he did in GOP Debate #3 and once again Kasich looked like the punch drunk fighter we all have come to know.

It started when Trump repeated his stance that illegal immigrants should be shipped back to their country of origin and a border wall should be built.

Kasich said that was a ludicrous position. “If they’re law abiding, they pay a penalty and they can stay … Think about the families.”

Trump retorted, “I’ve built companies that are worth billions and billions. I don’t need to hear from this guy … You should let Jeb speak.”

Here’s my take, first of all, build the fence. Second, eliminate the rule that allows a child born on American soil by illegals to become a citizen.

Third, enforce the law! There is a law that was enacted under Reagan, that requires all employers to verify that the people they hire are Americans, or have a green card and have a legal right to be here. This is not being enforced.

Fourth, if you have no legal right to be here, you can not receive any welfare benefits, period.

When someone shows up asking for help, feed them, treat them if they are sick, and deport them. If they can not gain employment or welfare benefits, they will begin (like Romney said), to self-deport. That’s how you get rid of 11 million illegals, and that’s how you stop it from ever happening again.

And for those who say, “we can’t break up families”, well if the child was born here and under current law is a citizen, he is not physically deported, but his parents are, and if they love that child, they will take him with them. And no one makes this argument when a criminal is sent to prison, and families are torn apart every day in those cases. You don’t have to hunt them down!

Check out the video here:

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