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Trump SLAMS Gowdy’s failed Benghazi hearings, support for Rubio

As you would have expected, the GOP frontrunner Donald Trump came out with major disappointment over Gowdy’s choice to support and campaign with Marco Rubio. I am not sure he would have felt this way if Gowdy would have supported Ted Cruz but this really stung Trump in a bad way.

Trump first responded on twitter about the news by RT’ing Americans who were not happy about the Gowdy news:

Then he went on to Fox and Friends early Sunday morning and made his case why he didn’t agree with Gowdy’s choice:

Check out this video:

Gowdy is a conservative so let’s get that out of the way as we have seen him fight for the people and stand with us against the DC Cartel. However, this move by Gowdy to support Rubio is really perplexing and shocking to most.

Trump has a great point but watching social media say Gowdy is a RINO, rethink that and make him eat his choice my continuing to prop your candidate up!

What are your thoughts about Trump’s reaction? What will Cruz’s reaction be? Share your opinion below in the comment section.



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