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Trump supporter and Trump protester becomes friends while the media ignores; will you?

Mainstream news coverage of the interactions between Donald Trump supporters and protestors showing up to his rallies have been overwhelmingly negative. It’s understandable that most interactions would be less than pleasant because protestors generally come to events like this with an agenda to cause havoc and people attending the rally intending to hear a candidate speak aren’t going to appreciate the disruption. It’s a recipe for trouble regardless of who is holding the rally. But in Kansas City, two people on complete opposite ends of the spectrum ended up talking and becoming friends.

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Nicole Hall and Gabriel Vleisides were both at the Trump rally in Kansas City. Nicole was there as ‘opposition’ and Gabriel is a Trump supporter. They ended up having good conversation about their differences and have become friends.

Explaining why she came to the Trump rally, Nicole Hall said,

“So if your sparking so much anger, even among your followers, then you cant be surprised when other people get angry and show up.”

Gabriel Vleisides didn’t seem angry one bit. After realizing Nicole and the group she was with were clearly not supporting the Donald, he decided to engage in a conversation.

“I was sitting next to some people and in the middle of the event pulled off their shirts and said they do not support Trump. They said they weren’t going to disrupt things but that they wanted to have some free speech. And so we had some good conversation together, they were very reasonable.”

Is this typical? Heck no. Not even close. It’s almost unheard of. But it should give you a little hope that there are still people who are interested in learning from people they disagree with.

Have you gone to a rally for a candidate you don’t support? What was your experience? Comment with your thoughts below and share this story on your twitter/facebook timeline.

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