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Trump Surrogate Just Did This To Protect Her Family Against Anti-Trump Bullies

Scottie Nell Hughes, political editor at Right Alerts and one of the friendlies patriots I’ve ever met had to take steps to protect her family from online social media attacks from anti-Trump bullies. It seems they have been targeting her personal facebook page because of who she supports and represents for this election campaign.

She’s allowed even the lowest of the low to make comments on her pages for months but now they are going too far and we applaud her steps to secure her space. People do have a 1st amendment right to say whatever they want but there are consequences when it comes to disrespecting someone or their family.

From Scottie’s Facebook public page:

Today was a sad day for me as I had to shut off the public comments and discussion on this page. I could no longer take the hate, anger, threats & vile words being thrown at my family, my friends and least of all me.

What scares me the most are those who took it even one step farther and think that threatening someone else or their family just because they don’t agree with you on an issue or a candidate is acceptable!

I would never speak the way some of you have spoken tomyself & others as I still respect you as a fellow being on this earth. I also respect that you are taking the time to learn about what is going on with our Country and even if I don’t agree with your POV, I am grateful that you take your vote seriously.

I am not motivated by money or by fame. I just want to provide for my family as a mother & a wife as most of your probably do as well and my choice in support for candidates is not in my own best interest rather with the same hope every parent has… to give their children a better chance of success and to live their dream.

I am sure I am far from blame as my passions have sometimes clouded my judgement and to those who might feel like I personally offended them, please accept my apology. All I want is to have respectful, intelligent conversation which hopefully leads to actual solutions to many of the problems we have today.

For those who are searching for me in order to insult, “put me in my place,” or as in the last few days threaten, I ask you to pause and realize that I only wish for you to be as blessed as I am.

God loves you and so do I even if you mock me for saying it. Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Scottie also added this video to her Facebook message:

What do you think of Scottie shutting down the comment section of her public page? Do you think it could have been resolved better?

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