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Trump: The African American Community Has Been Let Down By Hillary and Democrats

Finally, a Republican that has the nerve to ask African Americans and other minority communities why they’re voting Democrat. Liberals want to call everyone racist when they even attempt to reachout to minorities while they continue to enjoy the votes of minorities – never actually doing anything for them.

This is about business; Hillary Rotten Clinton doesn’t care about black lives, just their votes, and their willful ignorance to keep the dysfunctional Democratic Party in power. But this time, African Americans are in a position to hit the Democrats where it hurts – by not electing a corrupt career politician, and elect a proven leader that can deliver results.

Democrats and liberal medias are the reason why race problem is still one of a major issue, they keep using and brainwashing people for their agenda.

Trump met with activists from the Black and Latino communities and had this to say:

He’s absolutely right! The middle class has been let down as well. I hope there is an awakening in this country. Remember the Reagan democrats. In 20 years we are going to be saying remember the Trump democrats!

Funny how almost everyone around him are of black race but yet he is accused of being a racist.

Truth is the truth. I think we as a nation can solve these problems. It starts with great leadership, right now money takes precedence over human life. Until we change THAT no way we can solve our problems.

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