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Trump to Cruz: It’s wonderful to be a rebel, but sometimes you have to get people on your side; details powerful endorsement today!

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is going scorched earth, with Senator Ted Cruz while campaigning in Iowa.

We all know Trump is the king of branding and what he’s doing to Cruz right now could have a lasting effect if the Texas Senator happens to win the GOP nomination. Trump appeared on Morning Joe on Tuesday morning and answered a series of questions, but one thing you will noticeably hear is the reference to Cruz being named a “liar.”

Trump cites many people have told him in secret about Cruz lying to get ahead but you could hear in the businessman’s voice, he seemed angered with it. Just my observation but you don’t call someone a liar and then come back from it as peaceful warriors. That’s a burned bridge in my book.


“I talk to senators that frankly want to come out and endorse me, it’s amazing what’s happened over the last two weeks,” he continued. “Over the last two weeks, so many people are calling and saying, ‘We want to get involved with you, we want to endorse you.’ We have a powerful endorsement coming down today.”

Now Trump wouldn’t elaborate on who this powerful endorser was. “You’ll find out a little bit later,” he teased. “We have a powerful endorsement coming down today,” is what he told Mika, we shall see. We do know how much Trump exaggerates but we also know how Trump delivers!

Listen to this interview here:

Did Trump go to far or did he tell the truth about Cruz? Has Cruz been caught in a web of lies that has broken down this potential winning ticket? Share your comments below and don’t forget to share this on your social media wall today.

h/t – Morning Joe

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