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Trump’s Example Of Extreme Vetting Targets Orlando Terrorist Father: “I’d throw him out”

During a Wisconsin Town Hall with Sean Hannity, GOP nominee Donald Trump made a profound statement about the Orlando terrorist father who show up at a Hillary Clinton campaign smiling for the cameras. Trump said he would throw the father out of the country using the “extreme vetting” process he mentioned during his foreign policy speech.

Remember, most people think the father also allowed his late son’s wife to escape and disappear. Most will agree with Trump without prejudice. How will the media spin this one? That remains to be seen.

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From Fox News Insider:

The Orlando shooter’s father should be “thrown out” of the United States, Donald Trump said in a Hannity town hall event that aired last night.

Trump, who earlier this week laid out his plan for “extreme vetting” of those who want to emigrate from Middle Eastern nations, was asked about how he would handle Seddique Mateen.

“I’d throw him out,” said Trump, mentioning Mateen’s attendance at a Hillary Clinton rally in Florida earlier this month.

“He’s got a big smile on his face throughout the whole thing. He obviously liked what he heard from her,” said Trump.

Hannity noted that Mateen, whose son murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub, had expressed “radical” views in the past and support for the Taliban.

Trump said Muslims living in the United States need to help authorities in identifying possible terrorists before they strike.

“If they’re not gonna help us, they’re to blame also,” he said.

Trump wants what’s best for the country. Thank you Mr. Trump. Finally someone with some stones.

In order to get rid of this ideology in our country, racial and religious profiling is a must! The sad part is many moderate Muslims refuse to come forward because of what is stated in the Quran. I like those who are trying to reform the religion in the US, those individuals need to come out more and speak to the public. The only way to eliminate the enemy is being able to examine the behavior and actions of the suspect. It is not new, sadly we have become so politically correct that people are afraid to tell the police what they see and suspect.

The father is a disgrace, your son murders dozens of people and you have the nerve to attend a rally for Hillary just a few weeks later like nothing ever happened smiling having a good time? Toss him out.

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