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Trump’s Latest Moves Remind DC It’s Time To “Drain The Swamp”

President-Elect Donald Trump is starting off his 1st term the right way, “draining the swamp.” Anyone that joins his administration has to signed an agreement they won’t lobby for five years after they leave the White House. I haven’t heard any other President do this and this should easily weed out those who want to fix DC and those who were looking for a quick buck.

Great move because we don’t need any lobbyist telling Trump what to do, what to purchase, who to defend, etc. Drain the swamp and get someone in the DOJ that can go after these criminals. Some heads need to roll to get this cleaned up.

From The Political Insider:

While Trump has staffed his team with top supporters and conservatives, one group of people will not be joining Trump at the table: lobbyists. Vice President Mike Pence, who last week replaced New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the head of Trump’s transition team, has ordered the removal of all lobbyists, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Prior to Pence leading Trump’s transition team, the incoming administration had been criticized for working with lobbyists and other D.C. insiders whose views ran counter to Trump’s “drain the swamp” message during the campaign.

In addition to the removal of all lobbyists from the transition team, Tuesday saw another major shakeup within Team Trump as former Congressman Mike Rogers, who had been on the short list for CIA Director, was “ousted from the  Trump transitions team’s national security unit.” In addition, “Matthew Freedman, who was leading the group’s planning for the White House National Security Council, also departed.”

Watch this report below:

True Americans already won last Tuesday. There is no need to argue with anyone left of center for at least two years. Let them cry themselves to sleep daily if that’s how many of them choose to behave. Time for the adults to take care of business for the future of America.

This is why I voted for him. Remove all the special interest, lobbyists and etc. They are sucking the blood out of our system. Hopefully, after cleaning up we can address the real issue and needs of America and its people.

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