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Trump’s New Ad BLASTS Hillary And Gives America A Special Message!

Donald Trump is staying focused on what matters to Americans and addressing those issues. He’s already set up questions and inquiries about Crooked Hillary and established the system is crooked. Now is the time to paint a picture of hope.

I’d like to see a pic/video of her talking to the loved ones in front of the caskets as they returned home as she spoke to them! Placing her in that place, speaking the words she did to them.. having the words she spoke IN print in the video. Reminding people what she said, the power of the spoken word & the visual, what a message that would be.

Hillary is a lying, morally corrupt, scumbag, intent on feathering her own nest at any cost, even at the expense of American lives. She should be held accountable for her treasonous and illegal actions. If this were any other citizen, they would have been imprisoned a long time ago. What happened to our constitution where everyone is accountable under the law? Our system is now so corrupt under this administration that anything goes and is acceptable.

It is unconscionable, unacceptable, morally wrong and we the people need to stand up to this tyranny before Hillary lies into the presidency and destroys this great nation forever.

We have the ability to determine the future of our country if we stand united and vote for Trump in November. If we do not, and Hillary wins, we will have no one to blame, but ourselves. God bless America.Effective, but not nearly harsh enough. These ads need to go right for the jugular. And her record doesn’t make that too confusing.

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