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Trump’s new WSJ Op-Ed even has some liberal panelists praising his pivot to presidential

The establishment and elite politicians of BOTH parties have gotten us to this point. The Democrats have an ineligible, America-hating guy in the White House, and candidates to replace him who are either an avowed Socialist or a felon and a traitor. The Republicans are committing political suicide with their attack on one of their own as opposed to the Democrats.


Whatever you think of Trump, you KNOW that all of the other alternatives will either be a Democrat who will take us farther down the road to a third world dictatorship where the government controls EVERY aspect of your life and “redistributes” the wealth of those who succeed to those who do not, including illegal aliens, OR a Republican that thinks the People should not be the determining factor in who represents them in the run for the White House and who will offer another “business as usual”kick the can down the road”do nothing” candidate.

Trump offers at least a chance to turn the country around. The rest are criminals, socialists or more of the same.

From ABC News:

The inherent message at the heart of the op-ed is similar to what he has been saying in interviews and writing on social media. He was critical of the GOP delegate allocation process, claiming the procedures are leading to voters not having their voices heard.

“We must leave no doubt that voters, not donors, choose the nominee,” he wrote.

While it’s Trump’s name on the op-ed’s byline, the act of creating such a piece for the Journal to begin with appears to show the markings of other people at work.

“It shows a professional strategy that he had not had up until this point,” Dowd said. “It should have happened two months ago.”

The op-ed comes days after the addition of Rick Wiley as the campaign’s national political director and weeks after the addition of Paul Manafort as convention manager.

Watch the members of Morning Joe talk about Trump’s piece below:

Do you think they were really suprised at the Op-Ed by Trump? Have you read it yet? What did you think? Share your opinions (below) in the comment section and let us know how you see it.

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