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Trump’s spokesperson SMACKS down CNN host on bias media!

Never bring a tissue paper feelings to a gunfight, you’ll lose every time.

After watching the video clip below, you’ll see that CNN host Carol Costello never really had a chance against Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson.

Costello apparently didn’t intend to give Pierson a fair shake at the interview. There was the only confrontation from the start. But, much like Trump, Pierson took charge of the interview and wouldn’t let Costello lead with her bias and incorrect facts on the real estate mogul during the interview.Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.16.43 AM
Pierson began the interview by immediately addressing misinformation CNN spouted in a prior segment. A clip was played about a Quinnipiac poll that was released two hours prior saying that Trump was losing to Hillary Clinton. CNN used video of Trump addressing the crowd at a rally saying that he was beating the former First Lady. Pierson said it was dishonest of  CNN to use that clip of Trump, insinuating he was lying when the poll hadn’t even been released at that time.

Pierson and Costello also battled over Trump’s high untrustworthiness numbers. The Trump spokesperson immediately shot back, “That’s not surprising, considering the media coverage.”

Carol Costello is known for liberal bias. She was forced to apologize when she relished and laughed at Bristol Palin being physically attacked while with her son.

Do you think any Republicans should even go on Carol Costello’s show since she is intent on harming them? Please share your thoughts.

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