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Tsarnaev’s FREE Ride Won’t End Soon


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death due to his role in the Boston bombing and while some oppose the death penalty and others celebrated the sentence, this murderous little man has little need to fear. Indeed, if you are diagnosed with raging pancreatic cancer THAT is a death sentence tragically, unless a miracle (medical or supernatural) occurs; but if a jury or a judge in America sentences you to death, especially in Federal court, you’ve basically bought yourself at least 20 years in relatively comfortable digs.

And THAT is the problem. The old saying “justice delayed is justice denied” must certainly apply here! The man’s guilt is not questioned, the evidence is overwhelming: he was caught on camera for the love of whatever you think is holy! But that is not enough. Taxpayers will give the man food, shelter, medical care, and other benefits, 100% free of charge, and all the while he’ll continue spewing hate and bile at the country that took him and his little begger family in when they fled their homeland. Tsarnaev will be quite used to this insane arrangement- he was a welfare baby living off your tax dollars, now he’ll be a death row “baby” living off your forced generosity, for at least 20 more years!

It is a symptom of a dying civilization when the justice system is incapable of executing justice with reasonable speed. It will take 20 years and the funneling of hundreds of thousands of dollars into lawyers’ grasping, greedy mitts before this “joker” suffers his deserved fate, and that is IF he suffers his deserved fate.

Meanwhile, he’ll “make a life” for himself.

I so look forward to seeing some Progressive middle school teacher having her class send this killer a get well card if he so much as sneezes….


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