Tucker Carlson Reminds America; Meryl Streep Is No Outsider or Victim!

Fox News Tucker Carlson just gave America a better look at Meryl Streep with a common sense approach, and everyone needs to view.

Carlson called out Streep’s Golden Globes speech as food for liberals and how it wasn’t that big of speech since she was telling Hollyweird liberals what they wanted to hear inside the room last night.

Streep used the Awards for her liberal views and disgraced herself. Hollywood is so overrated. Honestly, I rarely go to the movies anymore, and I am sick of “actors and actresses” professing their views on the Presidency since Donald Trump won the election.

I am glad Carlson is around to level the playing field when needed.

If you are unable to view this video, please click here:

I stopped watching award shows long ago because they became left wing nut shows. Just a bunch of Hollywood Liberal has-beens preaching about all the tolerance they do not give to others!

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