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Tucker Carlson Takes On Former M.A.S.H. Actor Farrell Who Wants Electoral College To Block Trump!

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A team of aging actors teamed up to beg Electoral College members to block President-elect Donald Trump to override the votes of 62 million people.

Farrell is another one that should stick to “acting.” Apparently, it’s gone to his head. He “acts” like he thinks we care about what he says! How pathetic that Hillary Clinton and her minion can’t accept her loss and she got smoked didn’t she. She is a phony among many other things! She gave such a “poor me” speech of concession. Now she wants to stir things up again. What a loser and so are these actors.

Farrell also lied saying that rich people elected Trump and that’s so untrue. The middle class elected Trump and anyone trying to change that truth should be hellbound.

Tucker Carlson Takes On Former M.A.S.H… by dgraphics2009

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