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Tucker Carlson’s Show Was Place To Be While Maddow Crashed And Burned – WATCH!

If you didn’t get to watch the debacle that was the Rachel Maddow Show on Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson’s breakdown had to be the best.

I think I am more biased because Tucker’s show is just more grown up than Maddow’s. Tucker and his guest which included Kimberly Guilfoyle spoke to the nothing burger that MSNBC pulled up last night and the continued conspiracy questions that arose after they got spanked learning that President Trump paid $38 million dollars in taxes during 2005.

Maddow on MSNBC had a wasted hour while Tucker’s show once again dwarfed her petty breaking news. She and her far left propaganda network showed no proof of ties to Russia. Trump paid over 30 million in taxes, so there goes the Left’s false theory that he doesn’t pay taxes.

The White House responded to the released information with this:

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 7.16.50 AM

Well let’s see, it proves that he did pay lots of taxes! So no story except you had some steal the tax returns and published them. I believe there is a crime here.

Media has gone totally overboard. What happened to reporting the real news? What happened to actual journalism? Rachel is the epitome of a trash talk, daytime talk show host as is MSNBC. Shame on the media.

Tucker’s show is the best thing running right now, and he’s getting bigger every night. What did you think of this story?

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