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Twitter reacts to Bill Cosby arrest for allegedly raping Temple University woman in 2004

I am feeling all sorts of emotion right now for Bill Cosby.

I’m going to point out something here about the double standard of the news media. Bill Cosby, a black conservative, is accused of sexual assault and the media goes into a feeding frenzy and has a field day. Bill Clinton is accused of sexual assault and the media mostly sweeps it under the rug and the Democrats claim it’s nothing but a smear tactic by Republicans.

In the case of Bill Clinton – two women have publicly accused Clinton of sexual assault. (there may be others that never went public or got paid off) Another woman sued Clinton for defamation because he allegedly smeared her after an affair. And in the case of M. Lewinsky, even though it was consensual, he preyed on a young intern while at work and used (and abused) his position to garner sexual favors.

I am in no way excusing Cosby for what he’s done, this comment has nothing to do with if he’s guilty or not…I’m just noticing how the media doesn’t treat everyone the same when it comes to coverage.

Here are what twitter users are saying now!

The story is ongoing and developing so stay tuned.

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