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Twitter Users Slam Chelsea Handler For Wanting To Put Kellyanne Conway In a Microwave

Tuesday morning, leftist comedian Chelsea Handler posted a terrible tweet about Kellyanne Conway.

Referring to Conway’s claims that cameras in microwaves could be used as surveillance, Handler tweeted this.

I wish someone would put Kellyanne Conway in a microwave.

Imagine the outrage if a conservative comedian said this about a liberal woman.

In response to Handler, many Twitter users slammed her tweet.

why does your profile say ‘comedian’?

. A fan of putting people in ovens, I see. Remind me which side is more terrifying again?

As much as wants people to be murdered I’d say she’s dangerous.

this just proves how sick the people on the left are, inside and out. I guess you all are perfect?!! Look in the mirror.

you obviously weren’t loved enough as a child. You have real mental issues lady, please get help.

seriously, I used to love you. But now you’re a bitter, mean, spiteful person.

You are a comedian in your own mind.

way to “support women” She ran a successful Pres campaign unlike Podesta & Hillary Clinton

Way to support women. Hypocrite

Please seek help, . There is something wrong with you.

Such liberal “tolerance” on display again from Handler.

What do you think about her tweet? Comment below and let us know.

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