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Two attacks that won’t be investigated as hate crimes

Two recent attacks will not be investigated as hate crimes according to officials. As previously reported at the Brenner Brief, an unidentified 25-year-old white man, along with two teenage workers at a Kroger’s supermarket in Memphis, Tennessee were attacked by a mob of teens who were “all smiling they were laughing” as they terrorized a man simply trying to go to the store.

It is likely that this story would not have received any attention, if not for a video taken during the incident by a fellow employee. Watch a revealing local news report discussing the attacks.

It was reported on Monday that this criminal act will not be investigated as a hate crime. Memphis Police Department director Toney Armstrong said in part,

We acknowledge that the majority of the suspects and the majority of the juveniles involved in this were African-Americans. But you have to also understand that there was an African-American victim in this as well, as well as a non-African American male.

The other attack would also likely have not been known had it not been for a surveillance video capturing the brutal beating of a white couple in Springfield, Missouri, as reported at Breitbart. The victims, Meredith J. Cole, 19, and Alex J. Vessey, 23, “suffered serious injuries after they were assaulted by six black males, according to the police department.” Cole said that it started at a local nightclub, where “she was approached by a group of men outside the club, and they began to sexually assault her.”

The attack occurred on August 22 and is violent and graphic:


That attack will also not be investigated as a hate crime, as reported at KSDK. Springfield Police Department spokeswoman Lisa Cox was quoted as saying,

As far as I know there’s no reason to believe this was an assault that broke out due to race.

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