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Two teachers placed their lives in harm’s way during shooting in Lafayette theater when they did this

Two teachers, Jena Meaux and Ali Martin are being hailed as heroes today following last night’s shooting at a Lafayette, LA movie theater that left 2 victims dead, the suspect dead, and several others injured.

According to reports, Meaux jumped onto her friend, Martin, to shield her from gunfire. Meaux was struck by a round in the leg, possibly saving her friend’s life. Martin, who was still injured, managed to make her way to a fire alarm in order to evacuate the entire building, saving multiple lives.

According to The Washington Post:

Speaking at the late-night news conference, Jindal told stories of the heroism of those in the theater.

He said one teacher jumped on top of a fellow teacher to protect her from the bullets. Both were wounded, but the second woman said that her friend’s act had probably saved her life.

The second teacher then dragged herself to a fire alarm and pulled it, likely saving still more lives.

“A lot of folks in that situation would just be thinking about themselves,” he said. “She had the presence of mind to think, alright, even though she was shot in the leg, she saved other people.”

I want to hug these two and just be there for them as they are true heroes and should be honored.

H/T – Washington Post


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