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Tyrese: “Change your mind, change your surroundings”

With so many problems in the world today and so many people falling into a cultural decline, when will the transition into a better place begin? We have seen our culture and our streets grab a hold of many individuals and families for decades, forcing them into turmoil and poverty. More often than not, those experienced in situations such as this will blame everything around them while choosing to remain a statistic.

Our culture has changed throughout the years, but one thing has remained the same, and that is the mentality of those refusing to make a change. Poverty, drugs, and violence continue to exist in our urban communities and low-income neighborhoods around the country, but many people fail to realize how to escape. They fail to look at the root problems.

There are always specific situations and certainly not all are the same, but people have to make the changes themselves and want to do better. They have to want to grow and succeed. The political policies from the left have made things easier and convenient for people to stay in their current dependent lives, but a person has to want to change. They have to be able to sit back and ask themselves if the policies implemented or choices they have made thus far worked. Can they be honest with themselves and admit to voting for the people who do not have their best interests at heart?

Watch and listen to the words of Tyrese Gibson, singer, songwriter, and actor explain how to make changes by simply changing your mind. He did celebrate and support the re-election of President Obama, but perhaps even he has finally seen that too much government involvement over decades time is not working.

Anybody who was determined to do something, who wants something to be different, it will eventually be different.

**WARNING: Explicit language used


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