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United Auto Workers rejected in Tennessee

The United Auto Workers Union were left stunned after losing a bid to unionize auto workers in a Tennessee Volkswagen plant by 87 votes. It would have been the first successful organization of workers at a foreign automaker in the South.

The loss is a major setback for the UAW’s effort to make inroads in the growing South, where foreign automakers have 14 assembly plants.

“Without organizations in the South, the UAW has no long-term future” said Bob King, UAW President

Organizers blamed outside influences for their loss, a term many losers use. The fact is, Tennessee workers have the benefit of being on the outside looking in. They need look no further than Detroit. The disaster that the motor city is obviously had an influence in this vote.

I doubt this will be the last attempt by unions to attack industry in the South. Every day unions climb their way to the top of the endangered species list.  The higher they climb, the more desperate they become. It is important to note that this vote was close and should serve as a wake up call for right to work freedom lovers.


Tell us your thoughts in our comment section. Are you happy the UAW’s attempt to unionize the South  exploded like a Ford Pinto in a low speed crash?




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