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Ugh. The Struggle Of A Purist In November 2014

So today I was scolded a little bit. By my mom. Catching up as we often do, she asked me, “What is happening in the world of politics today?” To which I glibly answered, “Well, we have 43 days until the big election where we will watch the defeat of the Republican Party in the Senate, again.”

Then I expressed my doubt in the midterm electorate to rightly fight this battle because conservatives have been mocked and maligned during the primary season. McConnell defeated an awesome candidate in Matt Bevin in Kentucky and wants to bloody our noses. Cochran camp paid Dems to keep him in the Mississippi primary, squeezing out incredible constitutionalist Chris McDaniel. And Thom Tillis. Tillis in North Carolina is about as snaky “establishment” one can be without actually serving in DC yet. In all of the polls in NC, Kay Hagan is still leading.

Conservatives are plain exhausted. We are tired of the bad mouthing and internal corruption. We are sick of our own party telling us to sit down and shut up. We are just worn out, kid. Besides how will they (establishment) ever learn if we keep dancing to their fiddle?

And then my mother (God love her) shook me back into the reality I didn’t want to face. “So since conservatives can’t have their pick and get beaten by even a corrupt establishment – we are willing to sacrifice the whole nation?” Ugh. You know how when your mother says it, it carries more weight?
Instinctively I know it’s true. Because more than just the senate is at stake here. Likely the Supreme Court will have a couple more nominees in BHO’s last two years and lame duck term. That means two (or more) additional Elena Kagans. Lord have mercy. Can you even imagine? And it’s federally appointed liberal district court judges that are undoing all those great things being done in your state. Can we risk more of this?
So it is with great disgust that I will vote and support “the lesser of two evils.” AGAIN.

Thanks Mom. For keeping me in touch with the bigger picture. When it’s served with love, humble pie isn’t so bad. And because I dearly love this land – I urge you, for our kids, our grandkids and all of the country, LETS GO VOTE GOP!



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