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Uh Oh! Bernie’s Could Be Leaving The Race Soon And It Has Nothing To Do With Hillary!

If you can’t budget your own campaign, what more of the USA Treasury? Bernie Sanders says he hates Wall St. yet he does not have funds to work on his promises. That’s bad administration for an old supposedly a frugal politician.

Bernie wake up! Hillary Clinton is raising that money with celebs and they really don’t care about you and your uprising. I think you messed up when you chose to run as a Democrat. You didn’t think you were going to really beat Hillary did you? She’s been their choice since she lost to Obama in 2008. Bernie go back to your Socialist Independent Senate seat. You are not a Democrat.

From RealTime Politics:

Bernie Sanders is running out of cash, and quickly heading into the California primary on June 7th. His campaign has been burning through money so quickly that he had just $5.8 million in the bank at the beginning of the month. Hillary Clinton, in contrast, had $30 million.

His lack of cash is not because one lack of fundraising in April. In fact, Sanders even beat out Clinton, collecting $26.9 million versus Clinton’s $26.4 million, but Sanders spent much more heavily in April, $38.6 million versus $23.9 million. The amount Sanders raised in April was also a sharp decline from March, when he managed to collect a record $44.7 million from supporters.

Burning through cash is hardly new for the Sanders campaign. The campaign spent an average of $40 million per month since January, compared to Clinton’s $26 million. The former secretary of state, meanwhile, “stands in likely the strongest financial position of any candidate in either party as she faces the final days of her primary battle,” notes the Wall Street Journal.

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