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UN Dictating to the United States About Constitution and Gun Rights

Leave it to the United Nations, that organization designed to overrule the sovereignty of individual nations so that the Global Elite can make their global agenda a reality. In my book – Powerfully Dark Spiritual Forces, the Global Elite and the United Nations – I outline the origins and true purposes of this group of nations. Essentially, they work for the Global Elite (GE) because the Global Elite (using FDR and other globalist leaders at the time) began the whole process, spending millions of dollars to get things up and running. After Roosevelt’s failed League of Nations, the UN became the next phase, but essentially continued what the League of Nations was designed to do.

Decades ago and not long after coming into existence, the United Nations sought to gain legal status as “an international legal person due to the case of Reparations for Injuries Suffered in the Service of the United Nations.” This means that the UN was given sovereignty even though it is not a nation unto itself, but simply a group of representatives from nations throughout the globe.

This is an important distinction. Because the UN is seen as having sovereignty, then the United States can enter into treaties with it since the Senate can only vote to approve treaties with sovereign nations. Of course, what many do not realize (or care about) is that every time one sovereign state enters into a treaty with another sovereign state, at least one of those sovereign states loses some of its sovereignty to the other, as outlined in a treaty.

The Global Elite knows quite well that in order to eradicate the sovereignty of the United States, the US must enter into treaties with the UN. Moreover, it must be willing to change the Constitution of the United States so that the polices of America fall more in line with those of the UN. This is what progressives are pushing for and they need to accomplish it in order for the GE to bring its own subversive agenda to fruition.

With this in mind, a recent report coming out of the UN has attacked the United States’ “human rights” policies. According to the report and, “Agreeing with the Obama administration and the most extreme anti-Second Amendment members of Congress, the UN ‘Human Rights Committee’ also claimed that the U.S. government needed to expand the unconstitutional background-check regime to include even private firearms sales.”

Those in charge want people to be blind to the fact that the United States is a Constitutional Republic. That means that elected officials are sworn to uphold their oath of office, which includes upholding, protecting, and serving the dictates of the Constitution. It does not mean going to Washington and immediately attempting to change the Constitution based on demands of a constituency. It also does not mean ignoring the dictates of the Constitution. Too many in Congress fall into one of these categories and should be impeached, including President Obama.

The UN, in its report, has taken to using very strong language to overcome the laws and policies it sees as being harmful to humanity. Stand Your Ground laws are especially being attacked. It is clear that “the UN is now brazenly and openly pushing for radical and unconstitutional changes to both U.S. and state law. In particular, the report is calling for a massive expansion of the background-check regime — a plot that was so extreme it did not even make it through the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate amid a full-blown assault on gun rights by the Obama administration. Critics have attacked the controversial idea from all angles, but especially troublesome are the constitutional implications, as well as well-founded suspicions that the Obama administration is unlawfully trying to use background checks to compile a national gun registry in defiance of federal law.”

We must understand that the UN has no authority at all to dictate to the United States (or any other country), but too many of our progressive leaders pretend that they must acquiesce to the demands of the UN for the good of all people. The only authority that the UN has is what is given to it by sovereign countries like the US.

It is completely obvious to thinking people that this particular administration – under the protection of the race card – has done whatever the GE has wanted. President Obama doesn’t care how hated either he or his policies are because it simply gives him reason to hate that much more. It’s his hatred of America, his love of himself, and his desire to please the GE that has caused America to be in the position it is in at this point in history.

Listening to and obeying the unconstitutional demands of the UN is the last thing that America needs to do. Unfortunately, more will climb on the bandwagon in the name of “safety” and “peace” and will clamor to follow the pied piper UN.

This is one of the reasons the coming midterm elections are so important. We need more true conservatives who, at the very least, will turn the remainder of President Obama’s term into a lame duck because he will not have his majority in Congress he so desperately needs to completely bring America to her knees.

To stand against the UN, we need to vote intelligently.

About Dr. Fred

Dr. Fred is the author of numerous articles and a growing number of books related to conservative theology and politics. Fred has earned a Bachelor's degree in Bible, a Masters in Theology, and a Doctorate in Theology. Fred's weekly program - Truth Trends - is heard on Wayne Dupree's WAARadio network from 7:00pm to 8:00pm EST.

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