UNBELIEVABLE!! – David Axelrod: Romney, Super PACs to Blame for Campaign’s ‘Negative’ tone

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Joe Scarborough: One of the numbers that really jumped out to all of us around the table was the question of who was the more negative — who is running the more negative campaign and almost by a two-to-one margin, the respondents said the Obama campaign is running the more negative campaign than the Romney campaign.

David Axelrod: Partly, Joe, that’s because the Romney campaign and their friends in the Super PAC world have just spent tens and tens of millions of dollars specifically on spots accusing Obama of running a negative campaign. So, I’m not surprised to see those numbers, generally. [laughter]

Scarborough: So, it’s not you’re negative ads, it’s their negative ads accusing you of being negative that is causing —

Axelrod: I think that had an impact on the numbers

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