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Clinton: “In Libya, we didn’t lose a single person”; This woman is unbelievable!

To say we lost no one in Libya is a damn rotten thing to say when we have American families still mourning their loved ones Hillary! It’s your party that wants to bring these barbarians over here to become citizens and have families brought up with Islamic brainwashing done in Mosques. Just what we need…a President that wants to see infidels butchered in their country!

“Libya was a different kind of calculation, and we didn’t lose a single person,” even Chris “Tingles” Matthews looked really uncomfortable.

I’m sure Ambassador Stevens family, along with the families of the dead heroes who she called liars. Might have a different point of view!

Hillary is a liar, and most of us are getting tired of saying it, but we won’t stop. Remember, four dead Americans. It should not have happened and didn’t have to happen. Obama bombed Libya without congressional authorization and his administration with Hillary in tow created the instability in Benghazi.

After the country became unstable before 9/11, the Brits and even the Red Cross pulled operations out of Benghazi because terrorist attacks were increasing. Our ambassador, Stevens, had requested more security. It never came. During the 6-hour attack, help never came — though it could have been dispatched.

Afterwards, Clinton lied about what they knew, blaming it on some obscure Mohammad youtube video, calling it a spontaneous protest, when it was a planned terror attack with sophisticated weaponry.

Watch the segment here:

Can you believe she just said that?  Granny needs a long nap; she ‘s not making sense again. Have they been making sure she takes all her meds?

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h/t – YouTube/Chuck Ross

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