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Unhinged: Va. Dem Mike Dickinson promises to engage in massive abuse of power against NRA, Tea Party, Fox News

dickinsonMike Dickinson, the unhinged Virginia Democrat seeking the House seat held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., promised that if he won in November, he would use his office to engage in a massive abuse of power against millions of Americans in what he called a “war” against the Tea Party, the NRA, Fox News and “other trash.”

“If elected I promise WAR on the tea party, @FoxNews, @NRA and other trash,” he tweeted.

“When I am elected I will go to war with these groups. I will pursue the @nra & destroy them. I will get the IRS to audit the tea party,” he said later.

On Tuesday, his Twitter account was suspended, but was restored later in the day, prompting Dickinson to double down with a very thinly-veiled threat of violence.

“If you support hate terror groups like the @NRA you are pure trash. No better than Al-quida (sic),” he said.

He also posted this picture:

dickinsonstrategy“Said It proudly (sic),” he tweeted.

Douglass Ferguson, co-chair of the Spotsylvania County Democratic Committee, told this writer today that he doesn’t consider Dickinson to be a Democrat, calling him more of a populist.

“I wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole,” he said.

Dickinson spoke with the Spotsylvania County Democratic Committee, who wasn’t too impressed, based on his lack of experience and his affiliation with local area adult businesses.

He has also stonewalled questions regarding alleged salacious activity conducted under online aliases.

“I also have confirmation that he runs other accounts which are both inactive & active on twitter and tweet some of the vilest and offensive things a person can read on that application. The one account is private but one of his followers confirms that normally all he does is send tweets to women in the pornographic film industry. In addition to his offensive tweets that are demeaning to individuals and women in general, he also runs smear campaigns and engages in online bullying of other user accounts on that site. The people who get most bullied seem to be, like Mr. Dickinson, alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University or VCU,” Tim O’Donnell said at Red Knuckle Politics.

O’donnell added:

Let’s take a look Mr. Dickinson’s online “alternate personalities”. First, there is @fatcat2112, the persona he allegedly uses to send tweets to porn stars but I cannot confirm it through the screenshots. This has been confirmed by his one of his 83 followers. The connection of his congressional campaign account to this account can be shown through the tweets where he uses his cat “Chilli” and the twitter handle and avatar picture on the @fatcat2112 account. One of his deleted accounts, confirmed by the same sources, is @theshieldVCU. Another is @MikeD_PhD, for which I provide screenshots of his comments from there in which he says offensive and misogynistic things about women, insulting people by speaking about their weight, requests to show their breasts, and other things too lewd for publishing here.

Yet, Dickinson calls conservatives and Christians “trash.”


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