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Univ of Chicago student charged/released to mother after threatening to kill college students!

On Monday, Jabari R. Dean, 21 was arrested and charged with a threat to kill 16 white males at the University of Chicago. He posted an online threat of gun violence, prompting the university to announce Sunday that campus would be closed the following day as a security precaution.


According to the report at Fox News

Authorities said Jabari Dean was responsible for a mass shooting threat that forced the University of Chicago to cancel classes Monday at the prestigious college to avenge the shooting death of a black teenager at the hands of a Chicago police officer last year.

A federal judge agreed to put Dean under house arrest in the custody of his mother. The engineering student will be allowed to attend classes but was released on the condition that he stay off the Internet.

His mother expressed concern at Tuesday’s hearing about her son’s job prospects because of the arrest.

Dean appeared in court Monday afternoon and did not issue a plea on a charge of transmitting a threat in interstate commerce. A federal criminal complaint said that Dean admitted to FBI agents that he had posted the threat Saturday, but took it down shortly after posting it.

Dean’s release conditions include staying off the Internet, and his mother expressed concern at Tuesday’s hearing about her son’s job prospects because of the arrest.

Here’s my question. Why is he being released in the custody of his mother? She hasn’t been able to control him for years…and he makes death threats based on hate! Come on, man!!

Authorities said Dean posted the threat after prosecutors released video showing Van Dyke shooting McDonald 16 times. Van Dyke is charged with first-degree murder in the case.

Here’s an image courtesy of WZ.


I want to hear someone who believes in the myth of “white privilege” try to convince me that if this had been a white man of the same age who made the same threats against blacks, he would be allowed to go home while his mother complained about his job prospects.

His mom is right. Making racial death threats isn’t going to help his prospects in the job market (sarcasm.) If he doesn’t make some changes, the only career path left for him will be “community activist.”

What are your thoughts about this and what should have been done? Do you agree with the ruling of the courts? Add your comments below.


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