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University of Chicago rape list goes viral, and it’s Obama’s fault

The University of Chicago newspaper reported Wednesday that the so-called “Hyde Park List,” a Tumblr listing alleged rapists which surfaced over the weekend “with accompanying flyers posted around the University” was hacked.

After gaining media attention, the rape list obviously created quite a bit of buzz on and off campus. In the wake of the controversy, the Tumblr was updated with a post explaining:

The University has failed to protect the community, sexual assault is historically deeply underreported, and we have failed as a campus to have a real and serious conversation about sexual assault on campus, even after the Title IX investigation.

The list was hijacked by “a group calling itself the UChicago Electronic Army (UEA),” who “created a fake e-mail address, purportedly belonging to the student it accused, and sent an email to members of the UChicago community directing them to the website.” The UEA satirized the Tumblr rape list, which listed names of students who were accused to be rapists by an anonymous group called Concerned Citizens. Making matters worse, the hackers did their own parody of the site, and “goes on to mock feminists, social-justice warriors, and others and threatens ‘to rape harder.'”

A statement released by the university (who “rewrote its policy on sexual misconduct in July as part of a federal investigation) said in part,

Depending on the facts of a case, anonymous or unsupported accusations, threats, or damaging commentary made by one student or students against other students could rise to a disciplinary issue.

Yes, Obama owns it

Sexual assault on college campuses has been in the spotlight, as the Obama administration has initiated an aggressive, but “poorly-conceived campus rape awareness campaign,” as reported at Liberty Unyielding by Hans Bader, Counsel at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington. The effort, coordinated with the hard-left Center for American Progress, makes several claims that are simply untrue, Bader explains, such as “any degree of intoxication turns sex into rape.” If this was the case, he notes, married couples who have sex while intoxicated are engaging in sexual assault. Based on legal precedent, he adds, “intoxicated students can consent as long as they are not incapacitated.”

In another must-read article, Bader explained  that a “guidance” on campus rape and sexual harassment “contains insidious attacks on cross-examination and due-process rights” for the accused. He also points to examples of students “expelled or suspended from school based on very weak evidence” herehereherehereherehere, and hereBader has done some excellent reporting on this, and other dubious legal theories pushed by the Obama Administration.

Currently, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights is “investigating 78 universities charged with mishandling sexual assault cases on their campuses.” The Huffington Post created an embeddable map showing the universities being investigated by the feds.


Like all things progressive, good intentions lead to disastrous consequences. Instead of focusing on the root cause of sexual assaults (it’s the culture, stupid!) and arming women with the tools to fight potential abusers that do not include urinating on their attackers, the Obama Administration uses harmful policies which deprive the accused of due process and taxpayer-funded “investigations” to intimidate universities into rewriting their own policies.

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