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Up Into Islam: FBI Phobic Like Tunisian Police?

A phobe is basically someone quoting out of context what a person or an ethnic group has said in order to create fear and distaste in others. For instance, despite Sunni muslims lying about Muhammad marrying a 9-year-old in order to brag and gain recruits, someone else repeating that lie may be considered islamophobic. True, it would be harsh for a non-muslim to be called phobic for repeating this because he would have learned it first hand from muslims who themselves blaspheme the Koran, their prophet and Allah, ie. Islamophobic Sunnis and not Shias!



Thus, when Obama generally praises Islam, Sunni islamics in particular (terrorists who murdered the prophet according to Shias’ proven records), he is an islamophobic supporting the islamophobic Sunni Hadiths. Heck, when he digs back tales of the Crusades, something Christians are not preaching, he also makes proof of his Christianophobia. In fact, pathological ignorant liars like Obama happen to be driven by phobic politics. What else is a liar and a fibber but someone deceiving others but a true phobe intent on harming and discriminating?

Another great example of phobes is the reaction of the Tunisian police during the beach terror attack as explained by Aldo Sterone here. These police find it easy to go phobic on women eating during Ramadan, attacking them, but run the other way when big bad terrorists attack the beach, not responding. He goes even further, saying the Tunisian Police is islamic tied too.




Now, flash forward to the Chattanooga attack on Military recruiters, and we have the FBI doing a press conference wagging their fingers at a “GUNMAN”. They could have said the perp was a “RAMADAN-MAN” (because he struck on Ramadan and for Ramadan, and not everyone celebrating Ramadan is actually a Shia muslim who knows and respect the history of Muhammad), but you see, it is much more convenient to create anti-gun people and stoke the gun-o-phobia in America, because our federal cops are like that, they are just the cowards like two-bit corrupt Tunisian police of the streets, preferring to harass and jail women immediately for immodesty, while running the other way when real terrorists strike – calling them, ahem, gun-men, because we would not offend a terrorist’s feelings, shall we? We simply cannot expect muslim countries of ridding us of terrorists if our own FBI is equally phobic and their noses up Obama’s chest.

So, there, tell us what you think about our brave civil servants coming for you instead of terrorists. Is the FBI too up in its neck in islamic radicalism? Will it? 

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