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Update: Jonathan Gruber Claims He Was ‘Speaking Off The Cuff’ Over His Comments

On Tuesday Obamacare architect, Jonathan Gruber, spoke with MSNBC in response to his comments from the viral video when he admitted to the twisting words in Obamacare’s passage and calling Americans stupid.

In response to Ronan Farrow asking if he stood by those comments, Gruber said he was ‘speaking off the cuff’ and regretted saying it in the video below:

However, as Megyn Kelly reported on the Kelly File Tuesday night, a previous video of Gruber from October 4, 2013 uncovers him making the same comments of Americans being too stupid.

If Gruber truly regretted and misspoke, he wouldn’t have made the same comments more than once. Instead, he was caught this time, therefore claims of regretting or ‘speaking off the cuff’ is just an excuse.

Source: Youtube

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