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We have now come to the place where little doubt remains that our president has relinquished his oath and/or loyalty to the American people. Many believe, like I do, that he really never had any, as we were immediately wise to his cunning lies when he mysteriously exploded onto the national scene in 2004.   (psst…It’s called Taqiyya!)

But today, as we witness our borders breached, Iraqi Christians being beheaded, Israel defending itself with USA official scorn, our veterans abandoned, our military demoralized, illegals being shipped across the nation with no end of the invasion in sight, years of  ICE “catch and release” occurring, muslims exalted at the White House, and deadly communicable diseases at our doorstep with nary a peep out of the CDC, Christians in America are wise to the notion that Barack Hussein Obama most certainly is public enemy #1.

That’s right. Our president is our enemy. Most won’t admit it, many will cringe at the thought that I am saying this in a public forum, but really I am beyond caring about the pansy Twitter onslaught that is sure to follow from his minions. Bring it, miscreants! This #NinjaChick has your number!

The deep and grinding frustrations felt by most Americans (real Americans) offers shallow solace when we sense there is no stopping it. Could BHO be the Anti-Christ? is often asked in circles of eschatological wonder. He is certainly “an” anti- (against) Christ as we well know. You cannot be “for Christ” and willfully turn your back on Christians anywhere. But he has: in Egypt, in Syria, in Libya, in Iran, in Iraq, in Israel, in Gaza, and in America.

There is an all-out genocide occurring in Iraq TODAY and he has remained silent, instead he hails Muslims at a ceremony at the White House as if they have something awesome to offer us here in America. If we think that what is occurring with ISIS or HAMAS is meant to remain “over there” we are idiots. Plain and simple. The 9/11 terror attack was merely a black eye. They intend to do us a great harm, they intend to do us in, and Barack Hussein Obama has granted terror a green light.

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