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US Special Operations base in Kabul attacked! 1 American killed, 2 wounded

US Special Operations base near Kabul have been attacked by Taliban fighters. The nationality of the soldier in the attack Friday night was not immediately confirmed. CNN and Fox News reported that the service member was an American. The New York Times, citing a U.S. military source, reported that nine contractors died in the assault.

It will be really interesting to see is these troops were allowed to have weapons to protect themselves.  Maybe the base was like our enlistment centers, and probably not.  This is our new military – can’t carry weapons.

Camp Integrity, Academi’s (formerly Blackwater) primary base of operations in the country was attacked, according to a Reuters report, A car bomb was used to breach the base and an intense firefight followed:

The blast outside the base was powerful enough to flatten offices inside, wounding occupants who were airlifted by helicopter to military hospitals during the night.

“There was a big explosion at the gate … (The gunfire) sounded like it came from two different sides,” said a special forces member who was wounded when his office collapsed.

The initial blast caused by a suicide car bomb at the gate was followed by other explosions and a firefight that lasted a couple of hours, he said.

Here are some details on the base from a 2012 Wired article:

Academi, once known as Blackwater, operates a 435,600 square-foot “forward operating base” — which is what the U.S. military calls its warzone outposts — called Camp Integrity. Among other things, it’s a hub for information about the sprawling campaign against Afghan narcotics. And it even has its own t-shirt for sale, shown above, on Academi’s online swag store.

The little-known facility, located near Kabul International Airport, has been home to Blackwater/Academi’s Afghanistan operations since 2009. The base features a “24/7 operations center, fueling stations, vehicle maintenance facility, lodging, office and conference space and a fortified armory,” says John Procter, a spokesman for the company. Some online descriptions of Camp Integrity describe it as a hub for security contractors from different companies as well.

The attack follows several days of increasing violence in Afghanistan. This month will be one of the most deadly in the country in several years. Dozens have been killed and hundreds wounded in this latest wave of violence.

My respects to the fallen military personnel. As well as the injured.

H/T – ReutersCNNFox News

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