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VA psychiatrist tells veteran to “off yourself” after 2nd amendment online argument

A Department of Veterans Affairs psychiatrist said Tuesday he regrets a Facebook post suggesting that a gun-rights supporter “off” himself, Dr. Gregg Gorton said his comment was meant to be sarcastic but he’d love to take it back nonetheless.


“It’s just one of those moments you’d rather take back in your life,” Gorton told The Associated Press. “I’ve worked 30 years to treat psychiatric patients. I teach about suicide prevention. … That’s not me.”

That very act should have him stripped of his license, any tenure, and all rights to teach as he may poison the minds of students. Doesn’t this violate the Hippocratic oath?

The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Philadelphia is reviewing his job status, Gorton said. He has worked for the agency for 11 years. The hospital has apologized to veterans and called the post “unacceptable.”

The VA psychiatrist told one gun owner that he should “off” himself after the two could not come to an agreement on the Second Amendment.

“I am all for gun control. If there is a gun in the room, I want to be in control of it.”

To this, VA psychiatrist Gregg Gorton retorted, “off yourself, please.”


What do I think? I think that it sure would be nice if the VA hired people who ACTUALLY like vets. Most “providers” are the UN-hirable of society, so we’re stuck with these losers. They don’t like dealing with the actual work that is required to treat our military, vets, and their families, so what do they do? Instead of dealing with the vets on an individual basis, they are collective place into classifications or groups.

If a medical provider has to “label” you to feel comfortable enough to deal with you, that person doesn’t want the chance to get to know the veteran and is nothing more than a lazy person working for a check.

Think about it this way, if he said this to your wife and she killed herself because she was already depressed would you let it go? Doubt it, not if you actually care about her. Just like any doctor, this guy is liable for his words and actions. Whether a botched surgery or telling someone to off themselves, malpractice is malpractice. One damage is physical the other mental. He screwed up and has proven that the field of psychology is not for him.

What are your feelings about this psychiatrist and what should happen to him? Share your thoughts below in the comment section and add this to your facebook page or twitter timeline.

H/T – TheBlaze, Washington Times

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