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[VIDEO] British Woman Confronts Muslim Protestors In Her Home Town

Stacey Dooley, a young woman from the city of Louton in Great Britain, had heard that her home town was being taken over by Muslim extremists. Dooley moved away from Louton for a few years, but decided to go home to see for herself if what she had been hearing was true. She was faced with a shocking reality that her once quiet, typical English city had, in fact, been transformed into what is being called the “Extremist Capital” of Britain.

Dooley filmed her experience interacting with Muslim protestors who were on the streets chanting things like “British police go to hell” and “UK go to hell,” while holding signs that said “Stop terrorizing Muslims.” One female protestor (who was dressed in a full length black Hijab, with only her eyes visible) told Dooley that she looked naked and asked her who she was trying to seduce. Dooley responded by saying, “you shouldn’t judge me, like I try not to judge you.” The female protestor fired back “I am judging you. Go and put on some clothes.”

The video goes on to show Dooley asking a Muslim man what the solution is when a Muslim commits a crime, saying “no one is above the law.” The man replies that he rejects laws that are not Islamic. He says, “If the law of the land is Islamic, we will respect the law of the land. If it is not Islamic, then the law of the land and those who make, it can go to hell.” He then recites the Quran and attempts to justify his rejection of British law.


The hypocrisy of it all is never-ending. If a non-Muslim went to an Islamic country and behaved this way, chances are, they would not be alive to tell the tale. But this type of thing is going to continue to happen unless people stand up and say enough! It is not okay for any group of people to enter a country and destroy it from within by hiding behind the tolerance of the people they claim to hate, all while using the law that they claim to reject in order to protect them.

I am a strong advocate of religious liberty, and I believe that everyone has a right to live out their faith. However, no one is above the law. Muslims who completely reject laws that are not Islamic pose a threat to society and clearly, their beliefs are incompatible with our system of government.

Here is the full-length hour long documentary of Ms. Dooley’s research:


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