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VIDEO – Lara Logan: Al Qaeda is in Afghanistan and Nobody is Listening

Logan, if you remember, was beaten and sexually assaulted by a mob in Cairo’s Tahrir Square while she covered the demonstrations prompted by President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation in 2011. No doubt that horrible experience left a negative impression on her while covering these international events.


As Warren goes on to report, “While discussing what she believes to be the knowingly understated claim of the Taliban presence in Afghanistan, she said it is absurd to compare Afghanistan to Vietnam. In the latter war, the Viet Cong constituted an insurgency willing to live and let live as long as the U.S. got out of their country. Al Qaeda is not an insurgency, is driven by ideology and wants to kill us all, on our own soil if they must and even if we pull all our troops out of Afghanistan, Logan said.”

As you can imagine, Warren also quotes several people in attendance that were “disturbed” by her blunt terms and harsh criticisms of those responsible for fighting the war on terror. You can also find several other critiques of her speech online from other commentators.

But I, for one, soundly applaud her actions last week. Not necessarily because I support her conclusions, but because I can appreciate her honesty and courage to speak her mind as a journalist.

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