[VIDEO] NJ Congressional Candidate Confronts Opponent at Block Party

The First Congressional District race in New Jersey just heated up a notch over the weekend when Republican Garry Cobb confronted his opponent at a block party and asked him why he wouldn’t agree to a debate. Cobb, who has gained national attention from his recent appearance on Fox News and other major media outlets to discuss his views on the poverty programs and how they negatively affect families, has been calling upon his opponent Donald Norcross for weeks to agree to a debate.

After a brief exchange between the two candidates, a Cobb supporter began firing questions at Norcross about alleged scandals tied to his older brother, George Norcross. The questioning seemed to catch Norcross off guard at first. It didn’t take long for him to look visibly annoyed and walk away.

At the end of the video, Cobb accuses the Norcross family of profiting off of the poorest city in the district, Camden. The city has been run by Democrats for decades and is notorious for it’s high crime and political corruption.

According to the Cobb campaign as of today no debates have been scheduled.

h/t Save Jersey

The Norcross campaign has a sizable advantage over Cobb because not only is he being outspent in an already strong Democrat district, Norcross’s family is extremely well-connected in New Jersey and Washington D.C. Back in August, Norcross family friend Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid came to New Jersey to fundraise for him and later this month House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will headline a $1,000 per person fundraiser for him as well.

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