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[VIDEO] Phil Robertson on Sean Hannity Show live from RLC2014 – 5/29/14

During the Sean Hannity Show which was taped at the Republican Leadership Convention in New Orleans, he sat down with Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson to talk politics, God and of course, duck calls. Check out a clip from the show:

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson joined Sean Hannity on Hannity to discuss his personal politics, as well as test out some duck calls.

Robertson: I just feel a little more comfortable dealing in the spiritual realm, even with the persecution or whatever comes with it.  I’m just—I have a task to do and I go forth across America.  I’ve been doing this, most people don’t realize, I’ve been doing this for 35 for years.  I’ve been all of the United States, backwards and forwards, and my message is always the same, God loves you and sent Jesus to die for you.

Robertson: I read the platforms when I repented, back 40 years ago, and I said, “Ms. Kay, I’ve never voted before because I’ve been too busy getting drunk and acting like a heathen.  I said, if I’m gonna be a productive member of society, I need to vote.  I said, so give me the platforms and I took the Democratic platform and I read it and I said one thing for sure, I ‘m not a Democrat!

Robertson: Here’s a little training, this is all in tongue control.  So look, a feed call, watch. (bird call)

Hannity: I’m in trouble (Hannity bird call)
Robertson: It’s about five notes, watch (bird call)
Hannity: (Hannity bird call)

Robertson: “The bottom line is I have a couple degrees, it’s not like I’m some dumbo. But I researched our founding fathers, Sean, and any way you want to slice it, they were godly men. The vast majority of them. I just read about them, and I’m thinking, well, I’m no different than they are. They loved God, they carried their bibles, they followed the lord Jesus, and I’m thinking, I’m like them.”

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