Viewers Asks Fox News Special Report to Respond Failed Media Coverage of Newtown School Shooting

A viewer wrote in to Special Report tonight to comment on the media coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. Host Bret Baier read her comments on air. She wrote, “I cannot be the only one to find the endless coverage troubling for what it says about the media and its viewers. We seem to be a society which insists on concrete answers rather than coping with the incomprehensible.”

The viewer went on to express that “Thinking this way does not lessen the horror of what has happened in Sandy Hook and what is happening to those involved; it simply acknowledges that no amount of TV coverage can lessen it or make observers a part of it, and that only our respectful sympathy is appropriate. It has happened to them, not to us.”

Charles Krauthammer addressed the viewer’s sentiments, responding, “The only appropriate answer is silence. There’s nothing you can say in words that will be adequate to the task and in some ways it diminishes it just by speaking about it.”

“On the other hand,” Krauthammer said, “silence is not an answer in that society can accept. It has to talk about it, it has to discuss it, and in cases where it’s not only in the past but it may lie in the future with these kinds of mass killings, you have to talk about it because of the politics, what you can do.”

He said the blanket coverage is perhaps too much and that we can shield children by shutting off the media so it doesn’t invade their lives. “But in the end, it will penetrate because that’s the kind of global culture that we live in,” Krauthammer said, “And if it’s going to, let’s talk about it, let’s be reasonable about solutions that might work.”

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