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VIRAL VIDEO – Marine Shaun Adkins Rips Pro-Choice Supporters “You are a vile fiend and murderer”

Marine Veteran Shaun Adkins pulled over on the side of the road back to Logan, West Virginia after thinking about so many things after leaving a children’s hospital in Ohio and had a lot on his mind regarding pro-choice abortion supporters. Adkins, who called out West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin during a town hall a few years ago that received national coverage totally ripped these abortion supporters in this well heart-felt video.

Shaun created two categories for pro-choice abortion supporters:

The first category is that you deny that baby is an actual life, and you deny all the evidence provided to us by science and nature that says that baby is a life. 

If you are that dumb, I’ve got skid marks in my underwear smarter than you…let’s call this category the STUPID category

Shaun then went into the the 2nd category

The 2nd category is a group of people who will admit yes that baby is a life but we are going to support abortion anyway. We are still in favor of “choice” or we’re in favor of taking that life regardless if it’s viable or not. Well now if this category suits you you are a vile fiend and a murderer. The world would be better off if you find a bucket of water, stick your head in it and leave it there until the bubbles stopped.

Shaun is passionate about this topic as you probably have viewed the video and read his quotes. Support him anyway you can by checking out his facebook page

Shaun Adkins Facebook Page



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