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Voter Fraud Investigation Underway In Illinois; Bribes for Dems Votes


There’s a report an investigation is underway in a Chicago county, where allegations of voter fraud have surfaced. Charges of bribery are being reported by voters as they are coming forward to notify county officials who are checking into the accusations.

Doesn’t surprise me and I know it won’t surprise you. What do you expect from a group that claims the right of free speech, while shutting down and prevent the opposition from speaking? There have been stories of voter fraud in Chicago and parts of Indiana for decades.

Oh, what a surprise. In Virgina, a state where you are not required to show ID, they have found thousands of illegals voting (by the way, that is Tim Kaine’s state). The Governor just cleared the way for 40K+ felons to vote in the election. In North Carolina, Clinton screamed out that she planned to have her band of illegals rounds up students to go vote. Corrupt is her middle name. If she wins no one will believe it was done legally so, don’t come off shocked. No one is.

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Millennials WAKE UP! She does not care about you…. just ask the blacks and Hispanics that Obama and the Democrats who left them behind once they got their votes! She is a continuation of Obama!!!

If they really campaign on their beliefs no one would ever vote for them except for stupid people. The only way Democrats can win is by cheating. Look what Hillary did in the first debate. You know she’s got the questions that will be asked Sunday. Watch her every move and I hope someone checks out her podium.

So all you smart people that are willing to throw away your vote to third party, this is why all genuine voters need to cast their vote. Any vote not cast for Trump against Clinton is actually a validation vote for Clinton. It’s unfortunate that in our country we have to think so negatively of the biggest single right we have, voting.

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