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Voter ID Or Voter Fraud‏

With an entire political party in denial or lying about voter fraud, the facts are stacked high against them. Democrats have been stealing elections for decades. From John F. Kennedy who famously got phantom votes from President Obama’s former chief of staff’s father, Richard Daley AND mobster Sam Giancona, to the massive voter fraud perpetrated by this administration, that makes the 1960 election look like child’s play. Over 70,000 incidents of voter fraud were reported by 5 pm election night in 2012 with over 97% being perpetrated by Democrats. This is why Republicans demand that voter ID be made mandatory in all 50 states. But of course, Democrats fight them with every fiber of their being, throwing everything at them from the kitchen sink, to a full deck of race cards. Democrats can not win most elections fairly and definitely cannot win elections on their failed ideology.

What’s ironic about the debate over Voter ID’s is that Democrats claim racism and have the gall to compare it to the poll tax of the late 1800’s. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the despicable racist past of the Democrat party, here’s the Cliffs Notes version. Democrats fought against the North in the Civil War so they wouldn’t lose their slaves. Once they lost the war, they created the Klu Klux Klan in 1860 and then created “Jim Crow” laws in the south. These “Jim Crow” laws set racial segregation  were enacted around 1876. These repugnant laws were finally weeded out of society when the Democrats lost their fight against civil rights for blacks in the mid 1960’s. But the poll tax I refereed to earlier was a way for Democrats to try to deny poor blacks the right to vote by charging a tax every time they went to vote. Although this disgusting analogy from THEIR past is par for the course for the party that plays the race card 6 days a week and twice on Sunday, it has NO bearing whatsoever on the modern-day call for Voter IDs. ESPECIALLY since Voter ID’s are free!

History shows that the Democrats are the masters of voter fraud. Back in the 1960 election that was about as razor-thin as could be, John F. Kennedy was handed the Presidency by the corrupt Daley political machine in Chicago along with help from mobsters like Sam Giancona. A famous story from the night of the Presidential election against Richard Nixon, JFK’s brother and campaign manager, Bobby Kennedy,  called Richard Daley at midnight and asked “How many votes do we have in Cook County?” to which Daley allegedly responded “How many do you need”. There is a reason that Cook County, which encompasses the city of Chicago, is also called CROOK county. This goes back to Daley’s days as the top political overlord with his famous ballot box stuffing and election rigging.

As most know, John Kennedy’s father made the bulk of his massive fortune running bootleg moonshine during prohibition. That is when he got in tight with mafia figures, the likes of Sam Giancana. Kennedy was known as a Gentleman mobster. Later on, when his son was running for president, Joe reached out to his old mob connections in Chicago, behind in the polls, to drag JFK across the finish line. According to Sam Giancana’s daughter, Joe Kennedy, who was a former Ambassador and had connections to the  Eisenhower administration,  agreed to stop the Justice Department’s  efforts to extradite Santo Trafficante and Carlos Marcello, two prominent mob Chieftains in return for the mob’s help in Chicago.

So with Illinois in JFK’s column with help from Daley’s crooked political aldermen and Giancana’s Union goons, ONE more state was needed to steal the Presidency away from Nixon. What better place than Texas. It was the home of JFK’s Vice Presidential nominee and one of the dirtiest Senators in Congress, Lyndon Johnson. The JFK-LBJ ticket carried Texas by a scant 50,000 votes. With Johnson’s operatives stuffing ballot boxes and his lawyers working overtime to get Nixon votes thrown out on a technicality, the fix was in. In one single case, Johnson’s lawyers got 45,000 votes for Nixon-Lodge thrown out because the voters had circled Nixon and had NOT crossed out all the other candidates as was required by law. But of course the ballots that had circled JFK but not crossed out Nixon were allowed.

But this is child’s play as compared to what the Obama campaign perpetrated in 2012. As I stated earlier, there were over 70,000 reports of voter fraud by 5pm election night and 10s of thousands reported afterwards. To state them all here, would make this the longest article in News Ninja history. May I suggest that if you would like more information, please go to World Net Daily website and their “Big List of Voter Fraud Reports”. For this article, we’ll just focus on Florida to give an idea as to how voter fraud can steal a Presidential election. Let’s first preface this by clearing up a myth propagated by the left. Barack Obama DID NOT beat Mitt Romney in a landslide. On November 6,  2012, President Obama had 3.2 million more votes than Mitt Romney. This large margin of victory can be explained easily as the majority, over 3 million of those votes came from Los Angeles County, Cook County and the 5 Burroughs encompassing New York City. These 3 places were the bulk of the popular vote difference and as everyone knows, in these liberal bastions, the Obama Kool-Aid flows like the Mississippi River. Despite losing the popular vote 51% to 48%, Mitt Romney ACTUALLY lost the Presidency by only 333,908 votes spread out over 4 battleground states:  New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio and Virginia. Besides having rampant voter fraud in ALL four of these states, and MANY others like Pennsylvania and Nevada, the Obama campaign had their main political operative, Attorney General Eric Holder working on the committee to re-elect the President. For a detailed and complete indictment of Eric Holder’s using the Department of Justice to help perpetrate Voter Fraud, please read my article: One of the ways Holder DIRECTLY aided Voter Fraud was by suing states like Florida which was trying, LEGALLY I might add, to remove dead people and illegals from the voter rolls. In the case of Florida, Holder and the Department of Justice delayed the purging of illegals and the deceased, otherwise known as the democratic voting base, PAST the 2012 election, causing Obama to win Florida by 73,858 votes. This is the SAME Florida that the WELL respected polling firm from Suffolk University actually LEFT the sunshine state a month before the election because, and I quote the director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, David Paleologos: “FLORIDA IS PAINTED RED for Romney”. The Obama campaign’s voter fraud machine went into high gear after they heard that on National TV. Their vote stealing apparatus was spread out all over the state but it was most prevalent in St Lucie county. This is where they stole the bulk of votes as they ALSO wanted to get rid of Republican congressman Allen West, who was running for re-election in that district. A conservative black man scares the heck out of Democrats as it screws up their narrative of blacks needing Liberals to survive. In St Lucie, West lost by a little over 2,000 votes. St Lucie has 175,554 registered voters but had 247,713 voters on election day, a WHOPPING 141% turnout. As you can imagine, this same tactic was spread out all over the battleground states, especially in Ohio as Obama dubiously won districts 100% with ZERO votes going to Romney.. This is a feat that not even Saddam Hussein achieved in the 1990’s when he was the ONLY candidate on the ballot.

The different Obama voter fraud tactics were from multiple voters like Melowese Richardson in Ohio that voted 8 times for the President, to rigged electronic voting machines that defaulted to Obama every time, to driving around busloads of Chicago SEIU members voting in multiple districts multiple times. But where I think that the majority of stolen votes came from were the theft of absentee ballots. There were too numerous to mention incidents of Republican voters being turned away from the polls because they were told that they had ALREADY voted by absentee… which of course they had not. Please take a listen to a radio show and a Poll watcher, Dara Fox, who I have spoken to personally and what SHE saw in Virginia… ANOTHER state that  Suffolk University Political Research Center “PAINTED RED for Romney” but after massive voter fraud, Obama “won” by 115,910 votes. Here’s the clip:

Absentee theft, in my opinion, was the key to Barack Obama’s victory in 2012. This was perpetrated from what the Obama campaign called the “CAVE”. This was a MASSIVE tech warehouse where they claimed to have ALL the data on ALL the voters throughout the country. It’s also where it would be easiest to pick and choose the easiest of republican voters to steal their absentee ballots, where, they would give Obama a vote he wasn’t going to get while denying Romney a vote he was going to get. Do you see how easy it would have been to get to 334,000 votes for re-election when all they had to do was flip 167,00 Romney votes? Of course this is purely conjecture on my part as the most transparent administration and most transparent campaign in history (and MOST ARROGANT) would not allow even the biggest Obama cheerleaders in the media like Chris Mathews of MSNBC into the cave to see what it was all about. This is SO out of character for such egos like Obama and his campaign managers, David Plouf and Joe Messina, it makes you wonder: what were they hiding in the CAVE, even from people in the liberal press who were 100% on their side?

THIS is why there MUST be voter ID requirements to vote in ALL 50 states. And why I am even advocating that there MUST be a requirement for VOTED ID for absentee ballots as well.

The argument against a mandatory picture voter ID is so pathetically weak as there is absolutely NO disenfranchisement against any serious numbers of voters. When you look at the things that one needs to do in everyday life that requires a photo ID, it makes you think: WHO are these masses of people liberals cry about that will be denied their right to vote because of Voter ID. Lets take an analytical look at the imaginary person that will get their right to vote denied if they do not have a photo ID. This typical phony straw-man that the left created to perpetrate this ridiculous native of disenfranchisement is supposed to be poor, their words not mine. So to join Liberals in their obsession with creating imaginary people, lets call her “Julia”. So we can assume that since Democrats say Julia is poor, she doesn’t have the money to even fly on a plane, rent a car, purchase a car, register a car OR even drive a car, apply for a business license, apply for a credit card, or apply for a building permit because all of these LUXURIES require a photo ID. OTHER luxuries Julia can’t partake in: she can’t purchase ANY tobacco products NOR can they purchase liquor. Since those entertainment products are off-limits, might as well as give up on mature video games to because Julia can’t rent or by them without a photo ID. So since Julia needs money to live on, she must try to get a job to survive, right? Well, Julia can’t get a job OR for that matter even open a bank account to keep money she would earn IF she could get a job because you can do neither without a photo ID. SO, Julia can’t open a bank account but she also cannot write a check from anyone else’s account NOR can she cash ANY check made out to her. In the mean time, Julia can’t even rent an apartment or home to live in without a photo ID. Julia can’t even rent a hotel room to live in even if she won the lottery to pay for the room… because the hotel requires a photo ID but also, she can’t even buy a lottery ticket  without a photo ID either. NOR can she try her luck in a Casino either without a photo ID. Now if Julia wants government assistance for a place to live or food stamps to eat, forget it. They BOTH require a photo ID. So she doesn’t the have means to earn or receive money BUT she can’t apply for welfare or unemployment insurance without a photo ID either, nor can she, of course, apply for social security. SO, Julia doesn’t  have a place to live, means to buy food or get government assistance… what if poor Julia gets sick? She cannot apply for Medicaid OR can she purchase medicines that require a prescription without a photo ID… AND she can’t even buy some over the counter medications because they also require a photo ID as well. NOR can she sign up for Obamacare without the photo ID because it’s needed to get a social security card to get Obamacare. So Julia can’t get a job or receive government hand-outs. Well, At least she the can live off the land…. or maybe not. Julia CANNOT try to sustain herself by  hunting or fishing because BOTH of these requires licenses that require a photo ID to apply for. But all voter ID’s across the country are free… so poor Julia can afford them.

And if Julia wants to protest being disenfranchised with the #1 group that is fighting against voter ID’s, the NAACP? Poor Julia can’t protest either. To join them in a protest against Voter ID laws, the NAACP requires a photo ID as well.

So Democrats want us to believe that there are thousands upon thousands of Julia’s that don’t have a simple photo ID that they can’t vote if it’s required, but they can’t explain to us how they eat, drink or even survive without the ID that is needed for even the most basic facets of everyday life. This is obviously ridiculous because it is such a miniscule number, it just doesn’t make sense that disenfranchisement is behind this rabid, foaming at the mouth opposition to Voter ID’s. The ONLY thing that makes sense is that Democrats want to continue perpetrating massive voter fraud that they have perfected to a science and that they depend on to get elected.

Nor can Democrats explain why a dirt poor, third world country like South Africa can have a mandatory Voter ID and the greatest nation in the world cannot. With a smidgen of the infrastructure and a non-existent mass transit system, not only do they have a Voter ID requirement but, when alive, Nelson Mandela endorsed the mandatory Voter ID. Nor can Democrats explain away Taipe Mendoze Filomena. Taipe is a 117 year old Peruvian mountain woman who made her way down from the mountain where she lives and got her voter ID. Yes, Peru, ANOTHER third world, dirt poor country  has a mandatory Voter ID while the most “Progressive” country in the world does not.

This November 4th, you HAVE to be vigilant. BE PREPARED. Call your local GOP headquarters and write down ALL the phone numbers you need to report voter fraud. DO NOT let YOUR vote or other conservative’s votes get stolen again. The Democrats have been in charge of at least 2 of the 3 parts of governance in Washington DC for the last seven and a half years and enough is enough. We MUST take back the Senate as a first step to taking back our country from the liberal disease that has plunged us into less full-time jobs, more poverty, less personal freedoms, MORE national debt, LESS of us in the work force, more of us on food stamps and a misery index not seen since the 1970’s. The time is NOW.. and don’t let our Country and our future be stolen once again.

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