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VP Pence to Stephanopoulos: Mexico Will Pay For the Wall

I can’t believe ABC’s George Stephanopoulos has to bring up the wall payment, but VP Mike Pence was ready!

Aren’t you sick of the media focusing on the wrong issues and not informing you on things that are important? Stephanopoulos wants to lock down the Trump administration on who’s paying for the border wall between Mexico and the U.S.

George, you are looking sad asking this question over and over again. Why aren’t you talking about the executive orders President Trump is signing his first 30 days in office?

From American Mirror:

“One of the things people saw last night is that the candidate Donald Trump, is the president Donald Trump and he spoke about those priorities,” Pence said.

“We’re going to build a wall. We’re going to enforce the laws of this country.”

Stephanopoulos interrupted, “He didn’t say Mexico would pay for it.”

“Well, they are,” Pence responded.

“And we’re going to make sure that we get, in his words, the criminal aliens out of this country first. But it was last summer that the president said that about those that are remaining, that we’ll see,”he said.

“And I think what you saw last night was the president acting on the priorities that he ran on, and I think that is the reason why this speech is being so well received, is that people are seeing that the agenda that they voted for, the agenda that a majority of Americans believe is the right agenda, is exactly the agenda President Trump is advancing,” Pence said.

Watch the exchange here:

Now go away, George. Start reporting things that matter to the American people or ABC will get branded and you could lose your job. Just as CNN.

Do you think the media needs to start working new angles for stories to inform the American people?

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