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Wait A Sec! Gary Johnson’s VP Endorses Hillary Clinton For President?

The whole idea with the Gary Johnson/William Weld ticket was to take votes from Republicans, but it backfired and they are taking votes mostly from Hillary Clinton so now we see the media turning on them and now this huge mistake by Weld will only destroy whatever chance they had.

Now that’s the way to run a campaign. Fund a third party candidate from your own party (he’s a Democrat, you know) to dilute the voters and then have him announce that he’s endorsing YOU just before the election. So slick it’s greasy.

Why would Weld be the running mate to Libertarian nominee Johnson if he truly believes Clinton is the most qualified candidate in this race?! Can anyone say “hypocrite?”

Someone who doesn’t believe in his own cause and his own candidate shouldn’t be running at all! No spine. No character!

From Fox News Insider:

Weld was speaking to MSNBC about the presidential race, discussing how he thought Clinton bested Donald Trump at the debate and recounted his fears about what could happen during a Trump presidency.

“I’m not sure anybody’s more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States.”

Weld, 71, continued, saying “that’s not the end of the inquiry though.”

“We were two-term governors and I think Gary [Johnson] is very solid,” Weld said.

Johnson, a former New Mexico governor, and Weld, a former Massachusetts governor–both who held office as Republicans–have often referenced their leadership as fiscal conservatives in “blue” states.

“I think Gary Johnson’s running mate just endorsed Hillary,” Tucker Carlson commented.

What qualifies her to be president? Is it her lying, money grabbing habits, her position to have babies killed up until the day they are delivered, or is it her attitude toward women (she shows her true colors by calling them names, and siding with those who rape and murder innocent women, stoning them, beheading them, etc.) or perhaps it might be the way she was flat broke when she left the White House, and miraculously amassed a fortune as Secretary of State.

Did the way she handled Benghazi and therefore turned her back on those who begged for help, and then had the guile to lie to the parents of those 4 dead heroes, and called them liars to boot, is that what makes her more qualified?

It certainly can’t be the 46 years of “public service” because she accomplished NOTHING!

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