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Wait, Dem Rep Speier Says the CIA Should Do WHAT For the Terrorists?

With all of the noise surrounding the recent release of previously classified information regarding the CIAs enhanced interrogation techniques, there is one media snippet that stands out. Whether you agree with the tactics that are being used or not, it should be universally accepted that you never apologize to the enemy. You can bet your bottom dollar they won’t be apologizing to us for the beheading, rape, torture and murder of Americans happening every day. They won’t apologize for bombing our military vehicles, killing our ambassador, raping our journalists, etc. Waterboarding and enemas are small potatoes compared to the violence terrorists perpetrate on innocent civilians, Muslim and Western, every day. While I admit that enhanced interrogation techniques should not be used on innocents, I cannot condemn them as inherently evil.

Democrat Representative Jackie Speier disagrees. She believes that the CIA should APOLOGIZE to terrorists for the tactics revealed on the Senate floor. You can watch her interview with MSNBC’s Tamron Hall below.

That should make any sane person shake their head in disgust. The weak among us continuously tarnish America’s name, and open us up to further attacks on the scale of 9/11, aware that there will be few if any repercussions. People Like Rep. Speier are the reason the rest of the world is laughing at us, and we cannot tolerate it.

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