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Wait until you hear who Lois Lerner was targeting, her mom is going to be PISSED!

All the resources our government has in tracking down bad guys and capturing terrorist and Lois Lerner, the key figure in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting of conservative groups had once considered opening up an audit into Bristol Palin’s compensation from a teen pregnancy charity, according to a new Senate report.

Palin is the daughter of 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, and she became a household name when it was revealed during that campaign that she had become pregnant at age 17.

On Wednesday, the Senate Finance Committee released the findings of its two-year investigation into the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups specifically with an eye on Lerner’s emails (previously that had been destroyed?)


One email, Lerner thought the IRS should open an audit of Candie’s Foundation, which paid Palin over $332 in compensation to be a celebrity spokesperson.  Lerner thought the salary figure could violate IRS rules against charitable groups which would be a pretty coup to snap Palin’s daughter at the same time.


Most Americans who watched the hearings knew she was not someone to be trusted but we didn’t know how deep her clutches went into Tea Party organizations and/or their leaders. This report will open up a can of worms trust me!

The Senate report examined 1.5 million pages of emails from the IRS, including many from Lerner in which she discusses her sometimes unconventional political views.

What do you think about this turn of events. Is this why she took the 5th and walked out of the hearing? Why hasn’t she been brought to justice? What are your thoughts, share them below in the comment section and share this on your twitter/facebook wall for discussion.

H/T – USAToday


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