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Wait Until You See What Hillary Is Most Admired For

I felt compelled to write this story after reading that Hillary Clinton was voted the Most Admired Woman in a Gallup poll for the 19th time. 19 times!

For those who do not understand my frustration in this, let me list Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments:
– As First Lady, her major initiative, the Clinton health care plan, failed to even gain approval from Congress
– Also during her term as First Lady, she was subpoenaed and testified before a federal grand jury about the Whitewater controversy, which was an investigation into illegal loans that the Clinton’s had pressured people into giving and a bank concealment of transactions regarding Clinton’s gubernatorial campaign in 1990
– She became a model for cheated on women everywhere for staying by Bill Clinton’s side after the Monica Lewinsky scandal
– She conveniently moved to ultra-blue New York in early 2000 in order to run for the Senate seat that same year that was open due to retiring Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
– During her terms in the US Senate, she had a whopping 2 bills that she sponsored become law. While she sponsored bills at a dizzying pace, a mere 13% of her bills actually made it to committee, below the 17% average of bills going to committee.

Her most recent job title as Secretary of State has brought about these quality foreign policy decisions:
– Her “what difference at this point does it make” testimony brushing aside the false narrative the Obama administration told regarding the reasons for the Benghazi attack and her gross negligence of the threats in the weeks leading up to the attack
– Moving for the pull of US troops out of Iraq in 2011 which paved the way for the expansion of ISIS, a former al-Qaeda affiliate previously ostracized for being too extreme
– Aiding in the overthrowing of Libya’s Gaddafi without a concrete plan which led to destabilizing the region
– Maintaining a partnership with Pakistan, which interestingly is where the US Navy SEALs conducted a raid that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden
– Leading the charge for the Russian Reset, which improved relations with Russia so well that Putin decided to move ahead with his march into Ukraine

I really could keep listing her accomplishments that qualify her as one to be admired, but I think you get the gist.

About Diana Sepulveda

Diana Sepulveda is a resident of Brooklyn, NY. She has been actively involved in Republican organizations for over eight years by volunteering on local and city-wide campaigns, participating in community service events, and becoming a member of the local county Republican committee. Diana is currently the President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans, and a contributor to Behind Enemy Lines Radio. Diana is a graduate of Pace University, where she received a B.B.A. in Public Accounting with Cum Laude honors, as well as an M.B.A. in Public Accounting. When not focused on politics, Diana works as a Senior Accountant at a public accounting firm based in Midtown Manhattan.

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