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WAIT, WHAT? Glenn Beck suggests God let Scalia die so America can elect Cruz as President [VIDEO]

Uh, Ted Cruz might want to reconsider that Glenn Beck endorsement.

Here is Beck suggesting that the Lord may have allowed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (“one guy”) to die to get the attention of the American people and help them see the light that they need to elect Ted Cruz, (“a true Constitutionalist”) as President.

From Right Wing Watch:

“I just woke the American people up,” Beck said, explaining the wonders of God’s plan. “I took them out of the game show moment and woke enough of them up to say, look at how close your liberty is to being lost. You now have lost your liberty. You replace one guy and you now have 5-4 decisions in the other direction. Just with this one guy, you’ve lost your liberty so you’d better elect somebody that is going to be somebody on [the court] because for the next 30 years, if you don’t, the Constitution as you know it [is gone].”

“The Constitution is hanging by a thread,” he declared. “That thread has just been cut and the only way that we survive now is if we have a true constitutionalist.”

Don’t believe me, watch this:

So tell me when does JR Ewing commit Beck to the mental ward. This is nuts!

Scalia is not even on the ground, and Beck wants to use his death for election purposes? Who does that? Will Cruz supporters push back against this? Will Beck supporters push back against this? I can’t believe he said this and where is Cruz. Will he denounce it? Probably not, Beck’s partner, David Barton is in charge of Cruz’s SuperPac Keep the Promise and filtering in monies, so this will go unchecked for the campaign.

This isn’t me; I am not making this up! If you heard the audio, this is Beck making this outlandish statements. South Carolina voters need to know the magnitude of this man’s kookiness.

What are your thoughts? Share them with us below in the comment section.

h/t – Right Wing Watch

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